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Les Mains Noires
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Hey for those of you who want to link to this site (I know you're just dying to) here is a button and a banner. More may come later

These are some of my favorite sites, there's a pretty wide variety of sites here, so have a look around chances are you'll find something you like too.

Art Links
Azure Monkey Azure Monkey Azure Monkey is finally online. yay!! Go check it out because, if nothing else, it's the site of one of my best friends.
artofgregmartin.com The art that this guy does is just amazing. Most of my space scenes are inspired by his work (the older ones weren't, but they're crappy and probably won't find their way on to the site.) This site was also the inspiration for a few ideas for my site, whether or not I actually used them is a different matter, but it definately inspired some ideas.
Renderosity This site is a thriving artist community, I can't possibly cover all the stuff they've got there, so if you're interested in this type of stuff then take a look. BTW I go by pixelatedfantasies here, I used to go by Rykuth.

Design Links
Topaz Designs
Dream Shadow
Topaz Designs & Dream Shadow Topaz Designs, along with its owner's personal site, Dream Shadow, contributed a fair amount of inspiration to my site. They were also used as JavaScript references for when JavaScript started acting finicky.
Gnomist This site looks absolutely amazing, this is another site that has given me some inspiration. I considered pretty heavily making PF v3.0 look like this site, but eventually I decided against it. Version 4.0 maybe?

Anime Links
Les Mains Noires Les Mains Noires This is a very good site (possibly the best english site) about an anime called Noir, which just so happens to be my favorite of all time.
Noir Official Website This one is in Japanese, so if you don't speak the language it won't be of much use, though you can probably pick out some stuff.
Danime Danime Well what can I say about this site, um... it's very um... unique, not that it's bad, definitely not, it's just wierd. In a good way though.

Web Comic Links
Acid Reflux Acid Reflux Well one of my friends turned me on to this one, it's got a very interesting premise: a young god has just recieved her first universe, and by a strange turn of events ends up trapped inside him. She now adventures around inside this universe with some new friends she has met inside. It can be pretty funny at times, and has a very well developed plot. The main drawback to this one is that is isn't updated very often.
Wendy Wendy This site used to contain two active comics, but sadly enough one of them has now ended *sniff*. The site still has all of the strips from the ended comic as well as some other comics, which I haven't had time to check out. From what I have seen, though, all of the comics on this site are rather funny if slightly ecchi at times. Don't expect much of a plot here, though the one regular comic is developing a little bit of one *gasp*. The active comic here is on a three-per-week schedule I believe.
Machall This is possibly my favorite web comic, it is very funny, and look at that drawing. This is definately one of the best looking web comics. If memory serves me right (rarely does, but you never know) this one is on a monday/friday schedule, however it doesn't keep to it very strictly, tho usually two strips a week manage to find their way up. However, we'll have to see whether this schedule continues once summer is over.
Penny Arcade Penny Arcade This was one of the first comics that I checked regularly, although now it's not really one of my most favorites. This is one of the best known and I'm guessing most read comics out there, so if you haven't already check it out. This one has a regular release schedule, however I'm not sure what it is, so I guess i'm pretty much useless. I think it's about every other day.
PvP PvP I found out about this one through its apperance in PC Gamer magazine. This is pretty funny at times, and has more plot continuity than most. This is centered around computer games so if you're into them (or even if you're not) check it out, you'll probably like it. This one is a daily comic, and as this is the artists job (I think... I should check on that) he is very good about sticking to schedule.
Real Life Real Life This one can be pretty random at times, but it has a good amount of over-all continuity. My favorite part about this comic is the references, they are all over the place. This comic is in general freaking hilarious, especially if you get all the references (a good grounding in computer games and anime helps). I don't think that this has a set schedule for release, but the artist is usually pretty good about getting them out.
RPG World This is another one which has one of those plot thingies. This is a parody on RPGs in general and more specifically the FF series. Although you can get most of the jokes without it, a knowledge of this series helps, some knowledge of the genre, however, is a must. Updated every sun, wed, fri
Sinfest Sinfest Six words: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. There used to be a large explanation here about why that description doesn't work, but quite frankly it does work, and quite well. Every time I saw the old description I thought that it didn't work and that I needed to change it, but I haven't gotten around to it until now. Just a note for those new to this comic, you will need to at least read the character descriptions to get this one, but personally I think it is much better if you read it all from the beginning, though that could take some time. Anyway, this one is updated, fairly reliably, every day.
MegaTokyo MegaTokyo The same friend who turned me on to the first one turned me on to this one. This is the main competition for Mac Hall as my favorite. This one doesn't look quite as good as Mac Hall, but it is updated more often (three times a week I believe). It is based around gaming and Japanese culture, and some familiarity with these two helps in understanding it. Oh yeah, this one's got a plot too.
College Roomies from Hell College Roomies from Hell I've actually been reading this one for a while now, but I've been too lazy/busy/absent-minded to put it up here. This one's also got a plot from time to time. This one is overall quite humorous with enough story mixed in there to keep you wanting to see what's next. This one is daily and keeps up with it pretty well.
F.O.G. Club Adventure This one I found burried deep in the halls of keenspace. Less humor here, and more story, also it actually has some action from time to time. This one is another "Anime, Games etc." comic, and while an interest in these things is not necessary, you will like it much better with one. This one is also daily, and the only time I've ever seen it skip a day, there were two comics up on the next. I think that this may be the least well known of the webcomics here, so check it out, and support the little people :)

Miscellaneous Links
I don't have any micellaneous links? Wow, that's surprising, considering how random my interests can be at times I would have thought I'd have some. Huh.


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