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I offer low price, high quality web site design. I have experience with JavaScript, frames, style sheets, and most other features of HTML. I will also do miscellaneous graphic design work (eg. business cards, logos, etc.), but I have much less experience in this field.

Center for Ecozoic Studies

This was a redesign of the CES's website. Unfortunately it was never used, but I still quite like the design. All the links are dead because I was not hired to design the rest of the site. You can see CES's current website at http://www.ecozoicstudies.org.
The Transparent Event

My first paid design job was to make the cover for a book The Transparent Event. The version of this that got printed was slightly different, but I like this version better.

Main Page: $50

Secondary Pages: $35 for the first page plus $5 for each additional page

Graphic Design: Priced on a per project basis. Approximately $5/Hr


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