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  This is a list of the tools that I use to create all of my work.

CorelDRAW & Photo-Paint 9 I do almost all of my work in these two programs. I have been using some version of the CorelDRAW graphics suite for nearly 7 years, and hence have become very familiar with them. I use these two programs in very nearly everthing I make, and many of my images are made with entirely these two. All of the images on this site, with the exception of gallery images, are made entirely in Photo-Paint.
Bryce 5 I first got Bryce about 3/4 of a year ago, and have since fallen in love with it. I really love working with Bryce, unfortunately I'm not a very good 3D artist, so I'm quite often disappointed with the final result. About a month or so ago I got into making combination 2D + 3D images and I really like the way that these turn out. I plan to continue using Bryce, or some other 3D software, so hopefully I will get better over time.
Notepad The only way to go for website creation. It can be slightly time consuming, but I like having complete control over the finished product, instead of trusting a program to do it for me. This site was written entirely in Notepad.

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